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character info.
NAME. Josh Foley | Elixir
SERIES. X-Men (Marvel 616)
AGE. 17
HEIGHT&WEIGHT. 5"9' | 157 lbs (71 kg)
APPEARANCE. picture.
TRIGGERS. Josh will be triggered by talk of the death of close ones in violent circumstances, anti mutant sentiments and not being able to save people. He tries to internalise his feelings but when it gets too much it materialises as a burst of anger at whoever has brought the anger on.
MEDICAL INFO. Josh is healer, and keeps himself physically fit.

His skin is usually gold. However, when he uses his powers to cause pain, his skin goes black.

MENTAL INFO. Josh has been trained to withstand a telepathic attack. Any telepath will meet with resistance if they tried to read his thoughts uninvited. His mental blocks can be broken.

Josh has been living alone on an island with dead mutants. He's quiet and withdrawn, blaming himself for his own actions.

When he's around people, and not maudlin, Josh is more open and friendly. He is also fiercely protective of his friends.

FOURTH-WALLING. Go for it. Josh would like the idea that he has 'fans'. However he will close off if someone mentions the darker side of him.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. Josh is a tactile person and doesn't have anything against things like a friendly touch on the shoulder. However he won't welcome a hug from a complete stranger.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. Josh is something of a ladies' man. At one point he dated two girls at once so romance isn't conpletely out of the window. However Josh isn't looking for romance. He doesn't think he is fit for it after he killed a former friend.

INJURE/KILL. You can injure Josh all you want. He can heal, himself. He will retaliate if he thinks his life or his friends lives are threatened

Josh is an omega level mutant, capable of changing cells on a molecular level for good or bad. His powers have no limits in his canon, but they have been limited for the game. So here is the low down on what he is capable of in game. I would be grateful if you filled the permissions form out after. Thanks!

He can completely heal superficial injuries, the more debilitating injuries he can only heal partially and more severe the injury the greater the pain it should causes.

Josh can cause pain with giving characters diseases. This can be from something small to something major. I won't inflict anything on a character without permission. PMS will always be open to discuss how far someone would like it to go.

Date: 2013-03-25 01:43 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] hart_or_hand
Character Name and Journal: Lindsey McDonald [personal profile] hart_or_hand
Character Series: Angel
Do you want Josh to be able to heal them? sure
Do you want Josh to be able to harm them? sure
If so how far do you want him to be able to harm or hurt them? What are the limits? I don't have many hard limits. Just hit me up OOC first.


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