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Jul. 4th, 2013 03:33 pm
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Hi, this is Josh’s phone. Leave a message.

H. M. D.

Jul. 4th, 2013 02:25 pm
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How am I doing with this Josh Foley?

Leave any comments or suggestions here, whether they are positive or negative. I welcome them all. Anon commenting is turned on.
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character info.
NAME. Josh Foley | Elixir
SERIES. X-Men (Marvel 616)
AGE. 17
HEIGHT&WEIGHT. 5"9' | 157 lbs (71 kg)
APPEARANCE. picture.
TRIGGERS. Josh will be triggered by talk of the death of close ones in violent circumstances, anti mutant sentiments and not being able to save people. He tries to internalise his feelings but when it gets too much it materialises as a burst of anger at whoever has brought the anger on.
MEDICAL INFO. Josh is healer, and keeps himself physically fit.

His skin is usually gold. However, when he uses his powers to cause pain, his skin goes black.

MENTAL INFO. Josh has been trained to withstand a telepathic attack. Any telepath will meet with resistance if they tried to read his thoughts uninvited. His mental blocks can be broken.

Josh has been living alone on an island with dead mutants. He's quiet and withdrawn, blaming himself for his own actions.

When he's around people, and not maudlin, Josh is more open and friendly. He is also fiercely protective of his friends.

FOURTH-WALLING. Go for it. Josh would like the idea that he has 'fans'. However he will close off if someone mentions the darker side of him.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. Josh is a tactile person and doesn't have anything against things like a friendly touch on the shoulder. However he won't welcome a hug from a complete stranger.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. Josh is something of a ladies' man. At one point he dated two girls at once so romance isn't conpletely out of the window. However Josh isn't looking for romance. He doesn't think he is fit for it after he killed a former friend.

INJURE/KILL. You can injure Josh all you want. He can heal, himself. He will retaliate if he thinks his life or his friends lives are threatened

Special Permissions  )
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MUN: [personal profile] deathsticks
AIM: laurenpinikir
PLURK: [plurk.com profile] pinikir
CHARA E-MAIL: josh.foley@compass.net
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I was going to start this post doing an entry about Julian which was probably going to swell his ego no ends. But with one thing and another it's become about a lot more than him. It's...fuck it's me and my life. About what being an omega with the power of creation and death and what it does to me.

So you're probably thinking, shut up and stop whining, you've got your powers and who wouldn't want to be able to be you? Well...it's a lot harder than you think and I am *not* talking responsibility, I've figured that out, only I can decide to do the things so it's my decision. The problem is....

My powers, I'm aware of life and death around me at every second of the day. I just have to touch someone once, and I could tell them what was wrong and rather scarily how long before their bodies wears out of they continue living like they are. It freaks me out. And once people work out what I can do or heal them they look differently at me. Whether it's with aw, and I'm suddenly up on a pedestal and treated differently or its fear and people don't want me getting close. Even my friends. They do it without realising it and they don't know how to handle it. It's always over the top reassurances or yelling and calling me an idiot because they don't know what else to do.

What I need. What I want is for someone to remind me I'm Josh Foley, a kid who loves sport and being part of the cool crowd. There's only one guy I know who does it and that's Julian Keller. Gay as it sounds I love the guy and he keeps me grounded. If Scott and Jean had platonic love, well that would be us, at least for me. If anyone wants to tease me about this, feel free. But he's kept me sane more than once.

I get the feeling when I get too powerful, when I can't be around people because I'm too separate, he'll be the one giving me the arguments to keep trying and I don't want to let him down you know? Really, I want him to keep his faith in me that I can always be what he thinks I am.

But I can feel myself drifting, even in the Nexus. I've been healing people, I know their strengths and witnesses. I miss my team I miss the people who know me as something more than a power. Julian has got Laura and that's great for him. It really is. I just.... I wish I had that or something, just something to make feel something more than being an Omega.

I don't wanna be like Phoenix, I don't want to go.
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(yeah yeah I know post just for a girl, you guys can tease me later for it)

[So being part of a secret team is not all that fun especially when you come home between missions and have to evade questions. But Josh is always glad to see everyone.

He heads for Nori's room with a cup of coffee and knocks on her door]
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[Dreams of Laurie's death and the bus blowing up are still common for Josh. When he woke up Easter morning from the first one since arriving in the Nexus, he'd automatically got out of bed, to go to the graves and visit. And of course his brain finially kicked in and he realised they weren't there. So typical Josh had to act immediately and went out into the school grounds, and imagined a memorial into place that they could go visit with the names carved on the pedestal]

[And as promised the next day he goes to find Julian and takes him out to the grounds. He gestures towards it the second it's in sight] This was what got me sidetracked
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Okay so I couldn't leave this company 'lj' in control of my first entry. I mean if someone goes back and reads all the entries, shouldn't the first entry be something cool? [livejournal.com profile] julianhellion launched straight in with an ap, which is pathetic! Hear me Jules if ou are reading this - I am cooler!


Chlidish but boy does it feel good.


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